Our top 5 design trends for 2022

January 2022

New Year, fresh start and time to announce our top 5 picks for Design Trends of 2022! A year that will be about diverse and inclusive design fluidity, combination, movement and aware optimism.

Custom Typography

This year when it comes to fonts, more is more and designers shall have the freedom to combine or create from scratch any italic, serif, curly, wavy, cursive, experimental, short or rounded font that sparks joy and expresses the message to be conveyed.

custom typography

Colourful Minimalism

We enter 2022 with optimistic awareness and colourful designs, stripped from unnecessary elements, represent just that. We love colours and we love sophistication and we love visuals in this style: the ‘Less is more’ for maximalists.

Glass & Crystal Textures

There’s something mesmerizing about translucent objects. This design trend, which is here to stay, reflects and captures a sense of purity, fluidity and transparency that is in total coherence with the 2022 state of mind.

Brands in Motion

Anything but static, please. From kinetic typography to morphing logos, motion design will make even more impact in 2022. We had enough of the pandemic restrictions of the past couple of years and brands who incorporate motion in their branding strategy will visually stimulate and satisfy our need to move, jump and transform! 

Mix of 2D/3D

3D design has been trending for a while now, but merging, mixing, blending the dimensions will be one of the key design trends in 2022. We are looking forward to seeing more 3D objects on flat backgrounds and vice versa. Who is to say everything needs to be uniformed?