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Cookie & Privacy Policy

Elespacio hereby informs you that like all businesses it may process personal data of anyone (e.g. web users, business contacts or candidates) who provides their personal data to us, that we do (or are considering doing) business with, or that has a relationship with one of our clients.

We process this data in accordance with all applicable laws including the EU “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) and with the following Notice. This Notice may vary from time to time so please review it for updates.

  1. Who is Elespacio?

    Elespacio is a digital creative agency focused on web design and advertising campaigns.

    If you have any questions in relation to this Notice or our data processing, please contact us at:

    Data Protection
    Elespacio Comunicación Visual SL
    Calle Escudellers 10Bis, Entr -1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

    Our company details are: Elespacio Comunicación Visual SL of Calle Escudellers 10Bis, Entr -1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain, registered in the Barcelona commercial register with company/tax ID number B64013386.

  2. Why do we process data and what is the legal basis for that processing?

    Elespacio processes data for the following purposes:

    (a)    To respond to any inquiry you have made (e.g. as a potential client, candidate, or other web user interested in our business): the legal basis for this processing is consent – you have freely and voluntarily provided your data to us and we will use it for the purpose it was provided.

    (b)    To manage our relationship with you as a current client or supplier including invoicing for our services or paying your invoices: the legal basis for this is that this is necessary for the performance of the contract between our organisations or for our legitimate interests in providing our services and managing our business.

    (c)    To manage our relationship with you as a potential client or supplier: the legal basis for this is that this is necessary for our legitimate business interests, i.e. developing our business, investigating new opportunities, or ensuring that we obtain suitable and cost-effective products and services for our business. Please note that if you are an employee or consultant working with us then different data processing rules may apply – please contact your manager or usual contact at Elespacio.

    (d)    To provide services to our clients: sometimes, in order to provide our advertising and communications related services, we may handle personal data of our clients’ current or potential customers (e.g. in order to manage an email or web marketing campaign). We do this as a data processor, on the instructions of our clients, who are the “controllers” of this data. We keep this data secure in accordance with their instructions and this Notice. The legal basis for this processing is that it is necessary in order to perform our contracts with our clients. Normally you should contact the relevant client and review their privacy information in order to understand how they use your data. If you ask us about exercising your legal rights referred to in Section 7 below, then we may need to pass your request onto the client as we may not be in a position to take all the required action ourselves.

    (e)    To provide content or information, which may include newsletters or marketing information: the legal basis for this is that that you have consented to receive such information or as a current or former client we are permitted by law to keep you informed in this way.

    (f)    To improve and manage our website: e.g. we may record your IP address together with the date, time and duration of your visit. The legal basis for is that it is necessary for our legitimate business interests, i.e. to improve our services and communications. Please see the section on “Cookies and Website” below.

  3. Do we provide your data to any third parties?

    We do not provide your data to third parties, except:

    (a)    where we use a data processor to carry out certain processing activities on our behalf (e.g. a subscriptions manager for our mailing list, a hosting provider who stores data for us, technology platforms that measure clicks, page views, or site visits in order to manage our campaigns, or our accounting, tax or legal advisers). We do this on the basis of written contracts that require them to keep your data secure;

    (b)    to our clients where they are the “data controller” and we are merely processing data on their behalf; or

    (c)    if required to do so by a public administration or by law.

    These are normally based in countries within the European Union, the United Kingdom, and EEA or other places officially recognised by the European Commission as having similar data protection laws. If not, this will be done only on the basis of safeguards that require that your data is kept as secure as under EU laws. These may include standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission or national supervisory authorities, and you may contact us as indicated above for a copy of such safeguards.

  4. How long do we keep data?

    Your data will be stored by Elespacio for as long as is reasonably necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was provided (e.g. for at least as long as you are a client or supplier, or your subscription to a newsletter is still live). Sometimes we may need to keep it longer in order to comply with applicable laws such as accounting or tax laws (usually 6 years), or where there is a possibility of a legal claim (usually 5 years). Where data is used for marketing or business development, we regularly review our databases to ensure that the data is still relevant. At the end of campaigns, our contracts with our clients require us to promptly destroy or pass all relevant data back to them.

  5. Cookies and Website

    Access to this website involves the use of cookies that may record your IP address together with the date, time and duration of your visit, how much time you spend on which pages, or which links you choose to click, in order to improve and manage the website. We may also use “transient” cookies when you use parts of the website such as a search engine or contact form. These are deleted when you close your browser unless you use any option to have such data saved for future visits. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser. The stored information can identify a particular computer and keep information about your preferences, pages visited, etc. If you do not want to allow the installation of cookies on your computer you need to set your browser accordingly. However, you may not be able to use all features of the website if cookies are disabled.

    Elespacio uses three types of cookies: Strictly necessary Cookies, Functionality Cookies and Analytic Cookies

    Strictly necessary Cookies are essential to browse and use its core functionality and enhanced features. Without these cookies, services you require during your visit cannot be provided.

    Functionality Cookies allow to remember choices you make when browsing content on the website.

    Analytic Cookies help improve the performance of by collecting and reporting information about how you use the website.

  6. Do I have to provide any data?

    You do not have to provide any data to use If you make an enquiry, or are current or potential a client or supplier, then without using your data we may not be able to respond to you or manage our contract or business relationship with you. So we may need to keep your data for some time for restricted purposes even if you have asked us to delete or stop using it.

  7. What are your legal rights?

    Applicable laws give you various rights relating to your data. For example, you are entitled to ask:

    (a)    for access to a copy of the personal data that Elespacio holds about you;

    (b)    to have incorrect personal data about you corrected;

    (c)    for data about you to be deleted, to have processing restricted, or to object to particular processing;

    (d)    to receive a copy of any data that you provided to us, for provision to a new service provider (“data portability”).

    Where Elespacio processes any data based on consent that you have given to us, then you are always allowed to withdraw that consent (although the processing that took place before withdrawal will still be legal).

    As needed, we will also pass those requests on to our partners or clients who are responsible for deciding the response.

    If you receive any marketing information from Elespacio and wish not to receive such information in future please email us at . You also have the opportunity to opt out of future communications whenever we send you any such material.

    We always encourage you to contact us as set out in Section 1 above to address any issues or doubts you may have in relation to processing of your data or to exercise your legal rights. If you believe that we have infringed your rights, then you also have a right to complain to the relevant Supervisory Authority or Data Protection Authority, which for Spain is the “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”, to ask them for a decision.

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Last updated: 30 July 2020