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Concord is an iconic Swiss watchmaker that goes back to the turn of the 20th century. It’s also the sister brand of our client Ebel, whose social media strategy we devised and implemented over the past year, increasing its reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram. So it was natural that Concord would come to us for help with their social media presence.

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Like its sister brand, Concord has a long and impressive heritage. Set up in 1908 as a collaboration between five entrepreneurs, visionaries and watchmakers, it once held the record for the world’s thinnest watch. What it needed from us was a clear tone of voice and visual language that would bring it into focus as a modern, edgy lifestyle brand.

It’s all about image

First of all, the visuals. Unity, harmony, agreement, collaboration. These were the themes that kept appearing when we researched the brand. We carried these messages into the social media posts by framing images with polygonal shapes.This use of geometry represents not only the different facets of the brand’s collaborative origins, but also its modern, innovative thinking.

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The images focus on the fine details of the products, in line with the brand’s motto, ‘the story is in the detail’. They’re set against a background of patterns, textures and architectural images – a nod to the links between design, art and sculpture. And, finally, we intersperse these images with chic, stylish model shots that conjure up ‘moments’, whether calendar events such as spring or Valentine’s Day, or just modern life in the city.

Finding the right words

The copy, meanwhile, is characterised by two things. First, there is a clearly defined structure for each post. Every one begins with the words ‘Zoom in…’ inviting the audience to focus on one aspect of the image, followed by a short line or two of copy. This bold structure and pattern is an echo of the geometry used in the imagery, denoting the modern, edgy spirit of the brand as well as giving it a distinctive voice.

background strokes background strokes

The second characteristic is the tone of voice used in the descriptive copy, which is best described by the word: ‘subtle’. It just hints at the quality of the products by pointing out details in the picture, the connections between design, architecture and the watches themselves, or even just the feeling conveyed by the image. The aim is to connect the audience with the idea of refined, modern style and innovative but timeless design.

The result is a tone of voice, both visual and linguistic, that’s clear and recognisable. And it’s an example of what happens when imagery works closely with copy, and creativity works closely with strategy to give a brand a strong social media presence.

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