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Teamwork makes dream work

Danone Group is a global brand with a strong presence in the food market in Spain. Elespacio partnered with DoubleClick, Young & Rubicam and Mediacom to develop and implement a Data Driven creative strategy to launch a new product called “Danet Doble Placer”. The goal was to generate lifts in brand awareness and purchase intent through increased interaction with highly relevant personalized ads among male consumers.

Segmentation and data signals

Danone wanted consumers to associate Danet Doble Placer with fun moments. This was achieved by identifying a set of situations and linking them to affinity groups within the DoubleClick audiences. These affinity groups were carefully chosen based on client´s own 1st party data about their consumer's demographics. The goal was to target the audience with a relevant message that spoke to them directly about something they were doing in that moment while introducing Danet Doble Placer.


The client revealed us a series of insights
based on their own 1st -party data:

Creative digital design for Danet

Target Audience
(demographic & affinities)

Creative campaign graphic for Danet

(Weekday & time)

Messaging matrix

We crossed demographic data with affinity segments
and moments to generate multiple messaging opportunities.

Demographic Data
A demographic data diagram
A demographic stories illustration

Data-driven dynamic creatives

Young & Rubicam (Y&R) was the creative agency responsible for designing the assets for the campaign. Based on their delivered material we developed a dynamic master ad using PNG sequences to simulate video transitions while optimizing for ad performance. Next, we built a dynamic feed for forty-one dynamic messages containing parameters like time of the day, audience ids, copy and visual assets within DoubleClick studio that would trigger a personalized message on the go.

“Working with data driven advertising you can not only reach the right person at the right time, but also with a message that is relevant and personalized. Everything responds to data.”

Juanmi Sansinenea

Founding Partner at Elespacio

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