A Christmas Campaign, but different

Desigual Christmas advertising campaign


A production marathon

Desigual approached Elespacio to conceptualize, design and develop their 2016 Christmas campaign. The creative advertising campaign comprised of three different phases focusing on unique messages during the holiday season to promote accessories, coats and gifts.

The multilingual campaign covered a vast array of standard HTML formats and premium pieces for publishers such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and SModa.

Accessories and coats

The Desigual advertising campaign kicked off with Accessories and Coats, the first two series of creatives designed and developed focusing on HTML formats for programmatic. The overarching theme was snow and winter, which gave us plenty of inspiration to build our creatives.

Snow storm in the forest through the window for Desigual Christmas campaign Snowy trees in the forest for Desigual campaign Female model in denim for Desigual advertising campaign Snowflakes for Desigual advertising campaign Female model with Desigual white knitwear Female model in a sweater for Desigual creative advertising campaign Motion graphic with snowflakes and female model for Desigual

Gift Different

The final and most complex part of the campaign was called “Gift Different”. This multilingual creative campaign combined both HTML standard formats as Premium pieces, such as wallpapers, for high end publishers such as Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. This was a particularly challenging phase, both during concepting and production, due to the complexity, variety and volume of placements we had to design for.

“It's always amazing to work on Desigual projects, the brand and assets available to the creative team give them limitless possibilities”

lucas onofre

partner & head of production at elespacio

Good advertising never goes out of fashion.

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