The art of Insta-branding

Timing it right
with influencer


The luxury Swiss watch brand EBEL asked Elespacio to support them with their influencer marketing initiatives that would extend their reach and engage with their audience in new, creative ways. After one year of great influencer collaboration, we saw impressive results in both reach and engagement.

EBEL appreciates and supports young creative minds and fashion visionaries that share common values and philosophy. So a collaboration with young, creative influencers was a natural move for the brand.

Always be prepared

Before we started our search for the perfect fashion influencer, we defined our client’s target audience through extensive research and persona-building. We also developed a strong, distinctive brand voice, and determined which KPIs we would use to measure our success.

With influencers, think small

We decided that micro- and nano-influencers would be the best fit because, although their audiences are smaller, they’re more deeply engaged. This would lead to more traffic and higher engagement rates for our client and give us the opportunity to build a strong partnership.

Take time with the search

We know from experience that influencer searching is best done both manually and with the help of influencer marketing platforms. And however you do it, you need industry and client knowledge – as well as a well-honed ability to spot upcoming stars. One of the profiles we found grew from 14,000 to 44,000 followers in just 8 months.

Build the perfect content team

If you put an influencer, with their keen eye for the aesthetic together with a client, you have a content-creation dream-team. With us leading the process, we worked on campaigns under one brief, each adding their own interpretation to produce content that was engaging, budget-friendly and on brand.

You help them grow as they help your client’s brand grow

The start of a meaningful relationship

By working with micro-influencers, you can build a mutually beneficial relationship early in their career. You help them grow as they help your client’s brand grow. Collaboration is key – we communicated constantly and respected their creative ideas, helping to nurture authentic ambassadors for EBEL.

We would like to thank our talented influencers : Sophia (@sophiaippoliti), Claudia (@cgrabowska), Pornwika (@ps.shadesofmylife) for the collaboration.

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