GlobalGetting creative with
 our studio walls

Getting creative with

our studio walls

An inspiring place to work

2016 saw our Barcelona studio undergo a much deserved redecoration. From the kitchen to the lamps on our desks, no detail was spared to pimp-up every corner of our beloved working space.

When it came to decorate the walls, we took the opportunity to create our very own artwork: Three panels of 1.4 by 1.4 meters inspired by topography maps and fluids in motion.

This was a very interesting process that went from a sketch on paper to three physical objects that currently hang on the walls of our studio. Here’s how the whole process came about.

Wall composition of white topography images

Coming up with a brief

Like on any client project, we started by brainstorming ideas. From these sessions two interesting concepts emerged: topography and fluids.

Next, we did some research to see how other artists had worked with these concepts. It was a very inspiring process that concluded with a clear brief; to combine the organic shapes of a fluid with the sense of volume of a topographic map.

Composition of a topography backgrounds

Starting from an
empty canvas

The process of defining the look and feel of the artwork started with sketches on paper. This enabled us to quickly iterate until we were happy with the style and complexity of the shapes.

Once the look and feel was set, we created vector line illustrations of the three compositions. In order to add a third dimension to the panels, the fluid-shaped lines were distributed in six different layers in order to have variation on the heights within the same panel.

Mockup drawing for fluid topography creative campaign

Fabrication process

To actually make the pieces we partnered with our friends at Nodo Architecture, they advised us on the best materials and techniques to make our vision a reality.

We provided Nodo with 3D models of the final artwork. Each one was split into 6 layers that when mounted on the right order would give the desired topographic feel to the fluid shapes.

Nodo went through a laborious yet fascinating process to fabricate the artwork. The pieces where cut out of wood conglomerate, assembled, polished and spray-painted in mat white to make them blend in just about right with our studio walls.

The final pieces

We were stunned to see the final results finally hanging on our studio walls. Although based on the same motif each of the three pieces feels unique in its own way, allowing us to get lost in their details and discover new facets every time we look at them.

White landscape background Fluid topography campaign Black landscape background Black landscape topography

We find inspiration all around us. Do you?

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