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The quest
towards a global
digital strategy


The journey of discovery

Freixenet is the largest cava brand in Spain, with a significant global presence in key European markets, the US and Asia. Freixenet approached Elespacio to redesign their global website and devise a digital strategy.

So where to start? Before we could even begin to recommend a website design or best practices for their digital strategy, we needed to immerse ourselves in the brand, their team dynamics, and their digital legacy. This was an extensive exercise of brand identity and organizational culture discovery that went far beyond re-designing freixenet.com.

We worked closely with the client’s global, UK and German teams and with Freixenet´s branding agency, Lovebite, to define a digital strategy and creative visual direction for its future website.

Pulling it all apart

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Working on personality slider exercise
Tone of voice, brand exercises
Defining brand voice traits for Freixenet
Defining user experience flow
Brand voice traits chart


First, we carried out extensive desk research into Freixenet digital properties, legacy and their ongoing online marketing activities.


We held a series of stakeholder interviews to find out what their business goals and their customers’ needs are, and how their teams work together.

mapping the

The next step was to map their current digital ecosystem, so we could visualise the entire Freixenet online presence across different markets. Then we could identify pain-points on both Freixenet.com and social media channels.


Armed with this knowledge, we held a team workshop at our office to present the discovery findings, explore the brand personality traits, and decide on the next steps.


of digital

  • People

    We are all on the
    same boat

    Chart: Shared roadmap for the brand, Roles & responsibilities of global vs. local teams, Teams alignment
  • Process

    One step at
    a time

    Chart: Production & approval, Workflows, Implementation, Monitoring & reporting, Briefing
  • Technology

    Plug and

    Chart: Social media accounts structure, Global assets manager, Collaborative tool, Global reporting tool, Global CMS

Putting it back together

Finally, based on all our research findings, interviews and workshops, we created a strategy document with recommendations and a roadmap that would enable Freixenet to jumpstart its digital transformation.

The new digital strategy redefined Freixenet’s customer journey, identified the touch-points and how each one was an opportunity to strengthen the brand, improve customer engagement and drive sales through online channels.

Freixenet also took home a meticulous global social media strategy. This included content guidelines and brand tone of voice as well as recommendations on how to use social media to connect with their audience and amplify the brand's voice online.

And at the same time, the website redesign created a seamless brand experience across global markets. Freixenet now can implement an easily adaptable and scalable platform, on which global markets will be able to drive local activations under the global Freixenet brand.

  1. 01

    Define Freixenet´s
    tone of voice and
    personality online

  2. 02

    Fix the user journey
    in the global digital

  3. 03

    Consolidate the
    role of each digital

  4. 04

    How we measure
    success should be
    the same in every

  5. 05

    Visual designs
    for the future

  6. 06

    roadmap: how are
    we going to make
    it happen?

People, process & technology

People and good team collaboration are key drivers for an effective digital strategy. Our recommendations can only come to life with buy-in from international teams followed by changes in the way teams work together. Our key priority was to clarify roles and responsibilities for both the global and regional teams, layout workflows and provide a roadmap for Freixenet to unify its brand voice online.

Given the excellent level of collaboration between the teams involved during the Discovery project, success will surely come. Cheers!

"Every change starts with people" Lucas Onofre,
partner and head of production

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