Mind the gender pay gap

Graphically arranged text saying

There’s a big, wide, ugly gap out there.
And we think it’s time to close it.

Shocking data

  • For every €1
    a man earns …
    … a woman
    earns €0.87

  • Women work for
    2 months free each
    year, compared
    to men

  • And by the time a
    woman gets to 60,
    she will have lost
    out on $1 million.

  • It’s not fair. It’s
    well past closing
    time for the gender
    pay gap.

At the same time the internet is raging!

LinkedIn man comment: I and my male colleagues have always earned the same as our female counterparts. Everywhere I’ve worked there was this equity and equality LinkedIn man comment: Of course there is not pay gap. It's unscientific use of statistics Paco C. : In my company all people earn the same, doing the same job …

1 in 4 Europeans believe that the pay gap does not exist.

So we start to wonder

Do we know
pay gap

Gender Pay Gap vs. Equal Pay

The gender pay gap is the average earnings difference between men and women across a workforce, influenced by factors like job type and hours worked, unlike 'equal pay' which means men and women being paid the same for the same work.

Why is
a gap?

Claudia Goldin is the winner of the 2024 Nobel Prize for Economics. She studied 200 years’ worth of data from the US to track the origins of the gender pay gap and this is what she found.

The No. 1 Reason. Women are caregivers. Women are expected to care for children (and aging parents) which impacts how well they can compete in the labor market.
44% of Europeans think a woman’s most important role is caring for her home and family.
This leads to… Interrupted careers. Goldin found that if you take a break such as maternity leave, your career and your earnings will suffer.
And more… Part-time jobs Women are more likely to work part-time. That means lower earnings, lower skills and slower career growth.
And less… ‘greedy’work. Some high-paying jobs disproportionately reward people who work long, family-unfriendly hours. That discounts a lot of women with families to look after.

No wonder…
in the EU Only 8% of CEOs in large listed companies are women.

But this is not the only reason you (women, companies, men) should care… Closing the gender pay gap would benefit not only women and families but also businesses.

Benefits for companies

Boosted Profitability

Firms with more women in top roles enjoy a 25% greater chance of financial success.

Strategic Shift

Women in the C-suite drive a focus on innovative R&D and lower risk strategies.

Peak Performance

Companies with a balanced mix of men and women achieve superior market performance.

Benefits for women
and families

Economic Empowerment

Higher salaries boost women's economic power, allowing for independent financial choices and stronger family finances.

Secure Retirement

Higher average salaries can help close the retirement gap (women pensioners in Europe receive 29% less than men), cutting poverty risk later in life.

Leadership and Role Models

Equal leadership roles create more female mentors, inspiring future generations and advancing gender equality in the workplace.

What can be done

5 steps every
employer can take to close the gender pay gap.

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Flexible working

Don’t penalise staff for flexible working. Focus on results, not hours, for fair pay.


mothers say lack of flexibility is a reason to quit or cut hours.

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Paternity leave

Encourage and support men to take parental leave to balance the career impacts.


of Spanish fathers don’t take their paternity

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Empower managers to lead effectively

Train managers in diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), and make it a key performance criteria for everyone.


of managers say their company recognizes DEI in performance reviews.

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Track women’s repre­sen­tation

Do you have equal representation at every level? Set goals for a gender-balanced workforce, especially in the top roles.


of managers in the EU are women 50% of the workforce are women.

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Address micro­aggressions*

Sexism isn’t always obvious or intentional. Train staff to recognize and challenge subtle discrimination.

* Microaggressions are subtle, often unintentional acts or comments that reflect bias against marginalized groups, causing harm and alienation.


more likely Women are facing microaggressions and 4x more likely consider quitting and are prone to burnout.

Playing our part

What we’re doing to help close the gender pay gap

Dedicated to diversity

At elespacio, We're committed to diversity and inclusion. We are 50% women and we are female co-led. And we’re actively trying to address the gender pay gap.