The rice project

From raw data
to an immersive app design



It was that time of the year, just a couple of weeks before Christmas where everyone is looking to make the world a better place. It was during this time that Nespresso Spain was launching a new initiative to raise awareness about recycling coffee capsules with a creative campaign development, including app design.

The new program consisted of recycling the coffee from used capsules to later be used as fertilizer in the rice paddies of the Ebro delta. The area was proclaimed a National Park in 1983 and is now home to a wild variety of flora and fauna. It was a natural location in the wetlands for rice cultivation.


The chosen landscape delivered breath-taking scenery and inhabited an abundance of animal species. We knew from the start that beautiful imagery and the right soundtrack would be key elements to connect with their audience. That’s why we chose to work with the guys at SerialCut, excellent image makers from Madrid, and Simon Ashton, a great sound designer from the UK.

Initial sketches for Nespresso rice app design
Hand drawing for Nespresso app design
Creative campaign development for Nespresso app

The results

Each phase of Nespresso’s program was conceptually associated with a different season, i.e., “Recycling” took place in the winter, whereas “Cultivation” did so in springtime. In order to make information more understandable, we placed it on different layers, allowing users to choose how deep they’d like to dive into the data.

We designed 3 layers of information: the journey itself, containing a basic summary of the initiative; the facts and numbers, providing structure and credibility; and finally, additional surprise facts which gave the curious user a bit of extra knowledge.

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