Sustainable initiatives explained digitally

Sustainable initiatives
explained digitally


A new home
for The Positive Cup

Nespresso Germany approached Elespacio with the task of redesigning The Positive Cup, Nespresso’s website about the brand’s environmentally-friendly initiatives.

So far The Positive Cup had existed as an external microsite and had to be adapted to live as a dedicated section within Nespresso’s main website. Elespacio’s job was to audit and re-structure the content to fit its new environment and also to come up with a new, updated visual creative design.

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A bit of background

The Positive Cup explains the many initiatives that Nespresso puts in practice to ensure that their production process has a minimal impact on the environment and also helps develop the countries where it takes place. From their coffee plantations and farmers to the recycling of materials, all parts are carefully considered.

Photo composition for the Nespresso UX design project

Content audit and structure

One of the biggest challenges was to summarise and re-structure the vast amount of content in a way that was easy to browse. Our UX team audited the original site and proposed a solution that focused on ensuring clarity without compromising on content.

Adding personality
to the designs

We combined an elegant layout and use of typography with subtle organic textures and an earthy colour palette. We also added graphic details reminiscent of the coffee farming process: coffee beans, leaves and branches break the layout bringing a tactile feel to the designs.

Good user experience speaks louder than words.

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