Data-driven, cheeky-tricky monster-campaign

monster AR marketing campaign


Here be monsters

This was a beast of a job (in a good way) for the launch of Les Monstres de Nina Ricci, a new fragrance aimed at teens and Millennials.

How do you surprise and engage these tech-savvy young consumers, for whom using smartphones, Snapchat and Instagram is as natural as breathing? Weather triggered advertising and augmented reality (AR) were the answer.

The creative studio Google Zoo came up with a fun and engaging AR experience. Our task was to create a data-driven ad campaign that was just as fun and just and engaging, and that delivered targeted messages to Nina Ricci’s audience in Latin American markets.

Meet the girls

We all have a monster slumbering in us, you, me, and the Belles de Nina. What if we liberated it?

The better to free our little monsters, Nina Ricci is setting about revising its legendary fragrances through two new limited editions. Nina is transforming into a sparkling pear, enrobed with candyfloss, and Luna into a juicy pineapple, infused with lime. The unstoppable pop tandem of Brazilian designers Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena revised the bottles, with a swirl of an enchanted forest, charming snakes, flowers butterflies and mushrooms.

Nina Animated flacon Nina Luna Animated flacon Luna

Monster challenge

We had two very different goals. First, we had to build awareness of the product, and second, we had to drive traffic to the AR marketing.

For the AR experience, Google Zoo used MoodMe, which integrates your mobile camera with visuals from the campaign. The ads that we created mimicked this, to give a tempting taste of the AR experience to come, and present the product at the same time.

We created a data driven display campaign that was reactive to geolocation and environment; and was tailored to the time of the day.

Data Flow

Our dynamic feed is synced with weather conditions

The banner sends geolocation and system time data to the DoubleClick profile

With all this, the right claim and graphics are instantly loaded into the ad

DBM determines if it’s day or night in the selected location

Chart flow schematic illustration

We created a data-driven display campaign that was reactive to geolocation and environment; and was tailored to the time of the day. For added spice, we introduced weather into the mix. This made the whole campaign more quirky – and gave our monsters another playground where they could create more mischief.


Unleashing the beast

We produced 800 creative iterations —10 weather situations x 40 cities x day and night — and fitted them all into a single template. That meant one single banner ad with hundreds of different message variations that would only need to be trafficked once. All thanks to the power of dynamic advertising (and a touch of monster magic).

Marketing and weather are coming together. Want in?

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