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A big move -
Google Marketing Platform

Victorinox approached Elespacio to help them move their display advertising campaigns to Google Marketing Platform. That meant providing both technology as well as creative and media support. We partnered with DQ&A (Google Certified partners and resellers) to get the job done.

Creative and media, delivering cutting edge tactics

What made this project collaboration so unique and successful was the complete integration of creative and media. Elespacio and DQ&A worked side by side as one team at every phase of the project from strategy, design and build of creatives, to the set up of campaign manager and DV360, as well as the daily management of dynamic campaigns on Google ́s DSP (demand side platform).

All the tools you need –
going for GMP’s full potential

Implementing Google Marketing Platform
We implemented Google ́s GMP technology starting with Studio, Campaign Manager and DV360, in order to run dynamic and real-time bidding campaigns for prospecting and retargeting on Google’s extensive DSP. Good implementation is key to delivering on campaign results, specially when is comes to floodlights activities, audiences and reporting configuration on Campaign Manager.

Chart part central: circular shape Chart part middle: Search 360 Search, Analytics 360 Advanced Measurement, Display & Video 360 DSP, Campaign Manager Ad server Chart part outer: Tag Manager 360 Tag Implementation, Data Studio Data Visualization, Optimizer 360 Website Optimization, Studio Rich Mdeia Creatives

Mid and lower funnel strategy

Our ambition was to reach the technologies' full potential to deliver highly relevant messages to the right user in real time. Our funnel strategy had two key campaigns: a mid-funnel one targeting custom affinities with an inspirational message aimed to letting users discover Victorinox collections on the website. The second campaign re-targeted users with products they had shown interest in when visiting


  • Target custom affinities and purchase intent
  • Organise by product categories
  • Address user segments
  • CTA: discover collection


  • Audience lists based on website interaction (Floodlights)
  • Ads show product seen or added to cart
  • Conversion driven

Big insights – GMP’s dashboard

We built data dashboards using Google Data Studio to visualise all relevant metrics for Victorinox global campaigns. It's an easy way to keep track of campaign health and share reports across teams. It provides all the insights to make the right decisions. Let the data tell the stories.

Bar chart - total revenue vs CPA Bar chart - total conversions vs CTR Bar chart - ROI across departmens Pie chart - impressions across departmens

Big relevance, big results

When we compared their results from previous display campaigns with the dynamic one running on GMP, we saw a significant increase in the KPIs across the board. It’s official: better targeted and personalized messages lead to better results!

“Great team with creative ideas driven by data.”

Sri Ganesh Santhiram,
Senior Manager Global Digital Marketing

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