Capturing the beauty with ecommerce web design


Nina Runsdorf’s fine jewellery is a feast for the eye, so we knew we had something to work with when we were asked to redesign her e-commerce site. Our task was to design a site as appealing as the products, and not only in terms of looks but also in its function. A beautiful experience for the user. So beautiful that browsers could not help but become buying customers.

Golden ring
Geometric maze background

Function and grace Function and grace

A woman wearing silver earings
A pink purse

As with all the most satisfying creative projects, there were frameworks and parameters to consider. The Shopify platform came with its own limitations both for the design and the UX and UI. We worked within these to smooth out the user flows, helping customers to make decisions and move effortlessly along their journey. All the information and calls to action are clear and, dare we say, elegant. Just like the jewellery.

Hands with a ring and a brecelet holding a papaya
Geometric maze background

Nature and art Nature and art

There were also deep sources of inspiration. We were able to work with Nina’s photography – a creative dream come true. Then there’s her love of art and nature, which comes across so clearly in her pieces. Nina takes each stone’s natural shape and size and, like a sculptor, lets this guide her designs. We created an organic layout with two complementary typographic styles, plenty of white space, and Nina’s words expressing her design philosophy. The Nina Runsdorf world is elegant yet accessible, inviting and, importantly, easy to be in.

A green brecelet hanging from a flower
Hand with three colored rings  holding a white flower

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