FCBarcelona Icons

App icon design for
an iconic brand


The Mission

The client approached Elespacio to develop brand identities for their mobile apps: the main app, the ticketing app, the kids’ app and the fans app. Our creative team developed both the art direction and the look & feel. All of which unified the identities while creating a strong visual language across the four mobile apps.

Iterations and results

Once the initial concepts were defined, our team started making several variations for each app, trying out new icons and treatments until we arrived at the perfect results.

As part of our app design strategy we started off by exploring as many options as possible. Next, we worked backwards and eliminated the ones we didn’t like and focused on the rest.

Finally, we chose the use of solid shields and flat vectorial backgrounds. The icons were very successful in communicating the mobile apps core offerings while keeping consistency with the FC Barcelona brand.

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